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The Big Stretch

presents a fresh insight into the amazing journey each woman takes in becoming a mother. Women in different stages of pregnancy and preparing for a natural birth, reflect (with their partners) on how they are ‘stretched’ in everyway – emotionally, physically and spiritually.  You are invited to become intimately engaged, share in the transformation, and follow their stories to the first moments and days after birth.

Topics explored: breath awareness, pain and the intensity of birth, vaginal and body awareness, women’s challenges, asking for help, relationship and personal transformation.

A film by Alieta Belle and Jenny Blyth, Duration approx 60 minutes.

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English , German



The Big Stretch Sequel

explores the experiences of: a fast first birth with a big baby in compound presentation, a long first stage in a first birth, a long pre-labour, birth preparation for the first time, a previous difficult birth, birthing a baby stuck at the shoulders, a posterior labour, breastfeeding with inverted nipples, birthing after a previous VBAC with a 4th degree tear, a breech birth, an uncomfortable pregnancy, birthing twins and more.

This is a celebration of natural birth and the innate wisdom of parents and babies.

A film by Alieta Belle and Jenny Blyth, Duration approx 120 minutes.

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Birth Dialogue

Hormones, anxiety and lots of unknowns blend together as Miri and Amit are about to have their first child – away from the interfering elements of a traditional hospital birthing center. This is a story about a couple living a non-traditional lifestyle, making uncommon choices from having a home birth to raising their child in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Tel Aviv. Take an intimate journey with the parents-to-be as they document the months leading up to their home birth, as well as the delivery itself.

Directors, Cinematographers and Editors: Amit Miller and Miri Urman

Duration: 52 mins | Language: Hebrew (English Subtitles)

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A World of Birthworkers

Meet 13 traditional and autonomous birthworkers from 10 different countries – Ester from Guatemala, Gloria from Canada, Mother from India, Sana from the Philippines, Evelyn from Barbados, Amina from Turkey, Jenny from Australia, Chongnaihy from Cambodia, Cristina from Mexico, and Thao Sy, Nang Khamdy, Mai Dao and Nan Seng from Laos.

A flim by Jenny Bltyh

Duration: 90mins

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Birth Day

Midwife Naoli Vinaver joyously gives birth to her third child, Tamaya Okumura Vinaver, in the family’s hot tub. Narrated by Naoli and taped by her father, George Vinaver, we are treated to an exquisite and intimate home birth in the lush mountain countryside of Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico.

A Film by Diana Paul

Duration: 45 mins


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English, Arabic, Farsi, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Tagalog, Vietnamese




Five Countries, Six Births, Seven Babies

presents six such births. Filmed between 1994 and 2010, this DVD showcases homebirths in Guatemala, Costa Rica, France, the USA and Bermuda. This DVD is helpful and inspiring for women, families, childbirth educators and the health care community; the individual chapters make it easy to use in classes, conferences and lectures.

  • Track 1 (7 min.): 1994 France
  • Track 2 (7 min.): 2006 Costa Rica
  • Track 3 (13 min.): 2007 Guatemala (2 births)
  • Track 4 (10 min.): 2008 U.S.A. (twins)
  • Track 5 (11min.): 2010 Bermuda

A film by Diana Paul

Duration: 50 mins

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Eighty percent of the world’s babies are born at home naturally, peacefully and safely. This DVD features interviews with three doctors who capture the spirit, the science and the beauty of homebirth. It also shows two families in their moments of joy when their babies arrive.

A film by Diana Paul

Duration: 46 mins

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Homebirth Stories

More than any other, this video gives a Dad’s view of homebirth.  And the three Dads here think it’s wonderful! Filmmakers Amit Miller and Miri Urman, themselves a homebirth couple introduce us to three young families in Tel Aviv.  We see how they make decisions, live and give birth in complete confidence and joy.   This film should be in every library, midwifery bag, Doula bookshelf  and hospital.

A documentary by Amit Miller and Miri Urman

Duration: 42 mins | Language: Hebrew (English Subtitles)

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Miss Margaret

This film gives a rare look at life in the Deep South through the eyes of one of its last Granny Midwives, Margaret Charles Smith. After her book “Listen To Me Good” was published, Mirs. Smith traveled outside of her native Alabama for the first time. She became a popular and important addition to midwifery conferences, answering questions and telling stories from her rural practice. Mrs. Smith delivered over 3,500 babies in a life that spanned nearly a century.   She was raised by a former slave in Eutaw, a stronghold of the Ku Klux Klan.  Courageous, dedicated, hard working and wise, Margaret Charles Smith never lost a mother.

A documentary by Diana Paul

Duration: 57 mins

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