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By Deborah Allen and Diana Paul

If you are pregnant in a pandemic, you may not want to go to a hospital to give birth. We understand. You may live in a place where there is no doctor or midwife. That happens. You may feel alone and unsupported. 


That’s understandable.  Most of us have felt alone at some point in childbirth.

This is the time to go deeper into your own spiritual path. It’s a time to connect with the greater forces of creation which brought this baby to you in the first place.  It’s time to acknowledge the baby’s original source – LOVE.

This is the time to step up. Counter negative suggestions with what you know to be true. Mother Nature has a perfect design for birth.  She will not let you down.  Don’t listen to negative birth stories. Say no to statistics that are fear mongering. Say no to doomsday conversations. Say no to people speaking to you ostensibly out of concern but who are venting their own fear about past negative experiences.  Say no to fear period.  You were made for this.

Enter your place of being the one who knows. Speak with the authority of Motherhood.  Say to your baby out loud and mentally “I love you, you are safe.”  Say it over and over.  When you reassure your baby, you are also reassuring yourself. Tell your baby, ” You are coming at the right time and in the right way.  We’re in this together and everything’s going to be all right.  I love you.”

It’s time to feel the calm and peace you want your baby born into.  Surrender your fear to Mother Nature and trust Her exquisite design to take care of you and your baby.